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Current College Student in Los Angeles

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Although I was born along the golden coast of sunny Southern California, my heart is wasted away in Wrigleyville. I'm a student by trade, a writer and photographer by choice, and a Cubs fan by blood.

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blogging, photography, writing

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No, not again. Please tell me I'm just Over-reacting posted on 09/03/2008

I'm sorry I haven't been on here rigorously for some time. Life has caught up with me so to speak. I got a job at the local office supply store, I'm back in school, and so it pains me that my love affair with the Chicago National League Ballclub has been almost on hold.

We started the second half at a snail’s pace, then turned it on and dominated, until Saturday. In perfect Cub fashion, we've followed up a scintillating stretch of 7 consecutive wins with a quartet of losses. We were looking like we’d hit the century mark in wins pretty easily, but now, well not so much. The power is gone, minus Tuesday nights break out loss. Twenty-seven straight singles? What’s going on here? Where’s the team that is leading the world in runs? Where’s that team that sunk the Pirates with bomb after bomb? I know I can’t expect the offence to be at the highest level all season long, but 27 singles in a row is alarming. Something needs to be done, because anymore of this and I think I might have a heart attack.

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National League Looks to End Rut posted on 07/15/2008
It’s the annual midpoint of the baseball season, and for the brief span that is the All-Star break, all eyes are upon the Bronx. As everyone is well aware of, this campaign is the last go around for the world’s most famous, largest, and most prominent ballpark, Yankee Stadium. It seems hard to believe, and even more sacrilegious that this living legend’s days are numbered. Built in 1923 and christened by the greatest ballplayer to ever live, Babe Ruth, the cathedral of baseball will never truly be replaced. Although the Bombers will move a block to Yankee Stadium’s heir, the Mecca of America’s Pastime will still live on in our hearts. Whether you’re a diehard Yankee fan, or Yankee-hater, you still can respect the history and awe that the stadium brings. So when the All-Stars take the field Tuesday night, sit back on your couch, crack open a cold one and soak up the history of Yankee Stadium, as its final chapter is unveiled to all of us.

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All-Star Break Push: Harden added, Ramirez Sizzles posted on 07/11/2008
It’s been three days since the Cubs acquired former Oakland ace Rich Harden, and those three days have shown a lot about the club. Harden has said he couldn’t be happier in pinstripes and has so far looked like a good fit in the clubhouse. He instantly has formed a sort of kinship with fellow British Columbian Ryan Dempster, and has received the praise of pitching coach Larry Rothschild. Like fellow former American Leaguer stud pitcher “CC” Sabathia, Harden has been place right in the middle of the Senior Circuit’s best race so far. With the Central’s big three clubs separated by less than five games, the division could go either way. For the Cubs, Rich Harden will be a key piece in taking their second consecutive title away from Sabathia’s Brewers. Sabathia was acquired a mere 24 hours before Harden, but by no means is Harden any less of a pitcher despite being the consensus second best available pitcher.

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Healthy Cubs are Dangerous Cubs posted on 07/07/2008

The Cubs wrapped up a key road trip on Sunday in St. Louis, and signs of an end to a slight June swoon may be developing. After winning the series with the arch rival Cardinals, a series that should have definitely been a sweep, the health of ballclub is rising.

Daryle Ward went down with bulging disks; he’s now back with the club, and doubled in Sunday’s win. Carlos Zambrano went on the shelf with a mild shoulder strain, but he returned on Friday and was the dominant ace pitcher we remember from April and May. Reed Johnson saw a minimum 15-day DL stint with back spasms, but he is now 100 percent, and has gotten plenty of playing time in the four games since his activation. So as most of the battered Cubs have seen themselves get back on track, their leadoff man is still missing in action.

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Mic's National League All-Star Team posted on 07/06/2008

It's that time of year again when every other commercial on television promotes the All-Star Game, and ballparks around the majors are stocked with ballots. So keeping with the theme, I’ve decided to name players to my inaugural All–Star team and I’ll start with the National League. So far there have been the usual suspects putting up solid first halves, and also some surprises that have shocked everyone with success.  So far in 2008, the season seems almost as a Bizarro season to steal Sports Illustrated’s mantra. The Rays and the Cubs have been pace setters, and the defending National League Pennant winners are at the rear of field, lost somewhere in the ice cold Rockies.  So keeping with the spirit, here are my National League All-Stars with a few surprises and few old schoolers.

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